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Satisfactory school progress is dependent upon regular attendance. Parents are encouraged to call the school on the day their student is absent. It is the parents responsibility to clear student absences within 72 hours of the absence or the student will be considered truant (absence without valid excuse – see below). If a parent writes a note to clear an absence, the student must bring it into the office before school. Students who will be absent for more than one day may get their assignments from Homelink/ Google Classroom.

Unexcused Absence reasons include: Family vacations or events, sports events, doctor appointments for someone OTHER than the student, transportation issues

Excused Absence reasons include: Illness or injury of the student, or serious illness which necessitates the absence of the student, student attendance at a medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointment, student attendance at a funeral service for an immediate family member, appearance in court, observance of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion.

ATTENDANCE FUNDING: School does not receive funding for student’s attendance for any reason. Absences over 10 days are considered excessive. Excessive absences may subject your student to a school level (SART) Student Attendance Review Team meeting and/or (SARB) Student Attendance Review Board at the district office.

TRUANCY: The following are considered truancies:

1.        Being absent from school without the knowledge and consent of the parent.

2.        Leaving the school grounds during the day without permission.

3.        Staying out of class without permission.

4.        Any absence not cleared by a parent/guardian within 72 hours.


Students may not leave campus during the school day without a permit to leave. The following procedures outline the steps to follow when obtaining a permit to leave and return to school.

1.       Your student can bring a signed note to the office before school to receive a permit to leave slip, call the office, or email

2.       The office requires at least 1-hour notice if you do not send a note in the morning with your student.

3.       When picking up your student early, come to the attendance window with your ID and cellphone.

Your cellphone will be used to access the QR code to sign your student out.

4.       Report to the office for a pass to class when your student returns to school.

5.       Please avoid picking up your student during the last 15 minutes of the school day.



Independent Studies

Short Term Independent Study

Short Term Independent Study is available for students who will be absent from school between 5-14 days and may be used in the event of quarantine, isolation or other board approved reasons.  Students are assigned work to be completed during the independent study contract period and it is due the third day back to school.  Students are given credit once the work is returned to school and it is approved by the assigning teacher(s). 


  • Requires 2 full school weeks notice
  • Email ALL student's teachers & requesting Independent Studies, please include the following information:
    • State you are requesting an Independent Study
    • Dates your student will be out 
    • Reason you are requesting the Independent Study

Returning To School After Independent Study

  • DO  NOT  turn your work in to the teachers until the OFFICE has made a copy to be stored MDUSD Policy
  • All Independent Study work must be completed while out and brought to the office on your student's first day back