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Pick Up and Drop Off

Parking Lot and Traffic Procedures

Parent & Student Parking Lot Safety

In order to ensure that all of our students are safe as they arrive and exit campus it is imperative that all parents who drop off or pick up their students each day abide by the following safety guidelines:

  • Front parking lot is for staff parking and parents attending school meetings only. 
  • READ SIGNAGE – both posted and on the pavement and adhere to it.
  • Students should not be crossing into the parking lot for pick up. This is very dangerous.
  • The safe speed for driving on a school campus lot is a maximum of 10 miles per hour. This includes the driveways and the front and back parking lots.
  • Always be aware if your vehicle is blocking other vehicles from passing through. This is both respectful to others and will help the traffic move more efficiently.
  • Pull to the right at the white curb for picking up and dropping off students. If there is no white curb space available, please circle around until a spot becomes open. It is unsafe to have students exiting or entering vehicles in the middle of the roadway.
  • Do not park or wait by the red curbs, bus circles, or handicapped spaces. These areas need to be reserved for their designated purposes. Please be aware that the Clayton Police can issue tickets for this infraction.
  • To alleviate congestion and help the environment consider carpooling, walking or biking to school.
  • Consider arriving 10-15 minutes after the final bell since traffic is less congested at that time.
  • Arrange for an alternate location for picking up your children.

Helpful Suggestions:


Use the city’s new upper parking lot at the Clayton Community Park.